About Us

Based out of Chicago & London, Orbex is a dedicated environmental commodities market providing its partner organizations a clear pathway to emmission centric regulatory compliance and their Net-Zero goals.

Systematically assuring supply chain integrity and brand accountability to support emissions reporting, emissions avoidance,  promote responsible sourcing and help companies transition to a circular economy.


Orbex's mission is to advance the global trade of authenticated recycled commodities through a dedicated marketplace that assures supply chain integrity.

Orbex Empowers Industries to Drive Climate Action

Orbex enables worldwide traceability and supports ever-growing compliance reporting requirements for Supply Chain Due Diligence, ESG and Scope 3, with greater reliability and accuracy.


Our Partners

Oasis Open

In partnership with Oasis Open, one of the most respected, independent non-profit standards bodies in the world, Orbex supports the development of authentication standards and processes as part of an open-source initiative. 

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SA Recycling

In partnership with the leading metal recycler and processor SA Recycling, Orbex has secured one of the largest supplies of recovered ferrous metal, aluminium, and copper in North America.

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